drtattoffDr. TATTOFF (laser clinic) closes Houston location (Galleria), leaving countless patients desperate and stranded without care. Inkfree, MD Laser Clinic is already assisting multiple customers with completing their tattoo removal treatments.

Dr. TATTOFF’s is the latest in a long line of laser tattoo removal clinic closures, particularly in the corporate-funded sector. Each time this happens, patients are left high-and-dry in the middle of expensive and delicate treatments. Each time, Inkfree, MD has stepped up to help – offering patients free consultations and special deals to ensure their tattoo removal needs are resolved. It’s about providing peace of mind and doing the right thing.

Inkfree, MD is different. Established in 2012 (before Dr. TATTOFF), this family/physician owned clinic has worked hard to build a successful business. The right balance of technology, services and pricing have enabled a growing and sustainable laser clinic with the highest-levels of patient care and satisfaction. At the end of the day, it’s about delivering results in a safe, affordable and effective manner.

Customers affected by the Dr. TATTOFF closure are encouraged to contact us for a free consultation. We will review each case and do the best we can to ensure that you are able to achieve your desired results in the most affordable way possible.

Please contact us at 832.478.5669, info@inkfreemd.com, or visit inkfreemd.com for more information.
We wish it was under better circumstances, but we look forward to welcoming you to Inkfree, MD regardless.

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