Laser hair removal is the most effective way of removing unwanted hair. It works by the laser light targeting the pigment in the hair follicle, which is destroyed by the intense heat of the laser. By using highly specific settings, customized to your skin and hair type, the laser is able to destroy the follicle permanently and prevent further hair growth. Generally, it takes 6 treatments to receive permanent results, but there are various factors that would impact this number. Some people, for instance experience permanent hair removal after just 2-3 treatments with us. For most, if you receive the recommended number of treatments for your skin and hair type, you can expect to achieve 80% to 90% permanent hair reduction. However, there is always the chance that hairs which may have been dormant during your laser treatment will begin to grow. Additionally, hormone changes with time or changes in health or medications may affect hair growth. Finally, if you tweeze, wax, thread or pluck your hair in between treatments, it disturbs the hair growth cycle and causes the laser hair removal treatments to be less effective. We always advise to shave in between laser hair removal treatments so the hair is not yanked at the hair follicle.

Many patients find that maintenance sessions done once or twice a year after completing the initial treatment protocol is ideal for keeping unwanted hair away. It is important to always read the pre and post treatment instructions for laser hair removal and follow the advice of a trusted professional for the best results.

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