A very common question asked at Inkfree, MD relates to medical procedure safety and laser tattoo removal. Essentially whether or not it is safe to have laser tattoo removal treatments while undergoing other medical procedures. These procedures may vary from minor cosmetic treatments such as laser hair removal to more invasive surgeries including gall bladder removal and even mastectomy. The lasers used during laser tattoo removal treat the ink that is in the dermis. This is the superficial layer of skin. Once the ink has been targeted by the laser it is broken up into microscopic particles that are gradually cleared by your immune system.

There are only three big contraindications to having laser tattoo removal. The first is a burn or other open wound or lesion at the site of the removal. We obviously would not want to apply intense heat to skin that was already damaged. The second is a known allergic reaction to tattoo ink. Although rare, some people do have an intense allergic rash when a tattoo is applied. This happens most commonly with red ink. The same reaction can happen when removing a tattoo. The third is pregnancy and breastfeeding. The ink particles that are circulating in your immune system could theoretically affect a baby in gestation.

It is generally considered safe to undergo laser tattoo removal before and after all other medical procedures. Because Inkfree, MD is physician owned and operated, we are extremely conscientious about your health and safety during the treatment process. All questions and concerns are immediately addressed. If you are in the Houston, TX area and would like a free tattoo removal consultation, please call 832-478-5669 or visit our website.

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