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Laser Sun/Age/Liver Spot Removal

Sun spots or “liver or age spots,” medically known as solar lentigines, are bothersome brown spots that develop with age and sun exposure. They can occur in both men and women and appear more frequently on the hands, face and back of the neck. Laser spot removal is a safe and effective procedure.

The laser light is focused on the targeted area and is absorbed by the darkened pigments of the spots. This results in skin which will be more uniform in color, texture and appearance.

It usually takes 2-3 treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart for complete removal, however, larger and darker spots may require more treatments for optimal results.

Inkfree, MD can also remove freckles and most birthmarks. Call us for additional information.



Before and After Photos

Spot Removal - Inkfree, MD

Spot Removal - Inkfree, MD

Spot Removal - Inkfree, MD

Treatment Pricing

We pride ourselves on having a straight forward, easy to understand pricing system for laser spot removal services. Simply read the chart below to determine how much your laser spot removal will cost per session.

ARM 250
ARMS 500
BACK 450
BODY 1,999
FACE 300
HAND 100
HAND & ARM 300
LEG 500
LEGS 900

Spot Removal Frequently Asked Questions

How many laser spot removal treatments will I need?2013-05-13T16:30:17-05:00

Most people will generally need 2-3 treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart for the best results. Larger and darker spots may require more treatments.

What can I expect after the laser spot removal treatment?2013-05-13T16:29:25-05:00

Depending on your skin type and the setting of the laser, you can expect an area of puffiness and redness where the spot was and an initial darkening of the spot. There are no limitations to your activities after treatment, you may swim and shower as usual. It is imperative to apply sunscreen to prevent recurrence in the treated area.

Does laser spot removal hurt?2013-05-13T16:28:36-05:00

Most patients report a stinging and burning sensation during the treatment, which resolves almost immediately afterwards. If you have particularly sensitive skin, we will be able to provide a prescription strength anesthetic cream to minimize your discomfort.

How does the laser treat spots?2013-05-13T16:27:49-05:00

We use a Q-switched laser which specifically targets pigment in the dermis and epidermis. The darkened pigment of the spots is selectively absorbed by the correct wavelength of light and shattered.

How do I know if my spot is a sun/age/liver spot?2013-05-13T16:27:15-05:00

A solar lentigo, which is the medical term for a sun or liver spot, is a condition commonly seen in both primary care and dermatologist’s offices. Experienced practitioners are able to make this diagnosis with their eyes or with the use of a magnifier. If you are interested in having a sun spot removed, you will need to make an appointment with our doctor to make sure that it is a benign lesion, which can be treated with our laser. If we think that your spot is not a lentigo, but something that warrants a biopsy, we will be happy to refer you to a dermatologist.

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