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Laser Toenail Fungus Removal

Toenail fungus infection, medically known as onychomycosis, is an infection of the nail plate and nail bed caused by a fungus commonly found in the environment. The result is yellow, thick and hard nails, which can be embarrassing, painful and can even lead to serious skin infections. Fortunately, there is an effective laser toenail fungus removal treatment available.

Do NOT waste your money on laser treatments before seeing a doctor or podiatrist. 10% of the general population has toenail fungus, but only HALF of yellow, hardened appearing toenails are actually fungus. At Inkfree, MD you will be evaluated by a doctor to determine if your nails are clinically infected with fungus.

Advances in laser technology have recently revolutionized the treatment of this stubborn condition. What used to take months to years to clear of daily medications with potentially harmful side effects, can now be accomplished in 2-3 painless laser sessions. Our cutting-edge multi-laser protocols can finally make your feet fungus free.

Please review the After Care Instructions to minimize the risk of the toenail fungus returning.



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Toenail Fungus Removal Frequently Asked Questions

Will the toenail fungus come back?2013-05-13T16:50:08-05:00

There is a risk the infection could return as the fungus is present everywhere in the environment. If you have diabetes or other chronic medical problems, you are at a higher risk for a return of the infection. If this is the case, please follow the instructions of your doctor.

To minimize the chance of recurrence, you will need to follow our After Care Instructions.

How quickly will I see results from laser toenail fungus treatment?2013-05-13T16:49:14-05:00

Our laser protocol uses two treatments spaced 6 weeks apart. After each treatment, the majority of the nail fungus will be destroyed. However, visual improvement is not immediate. Depending on how quickly your nails grow out, you should see clearing starting at the bottom of the nail in a matter of weeks. If could take 6-12 months for your old nail to be replaced by a new, clear nail.

Does the laser toenail fungus removal treatment hurt?2013-05-13T16:48:11-05:00

The toenail is dead tissue so the treatment is relatively painless. Some patients feel a slight warming sensation during the procedure. There are almost no risks to having the procedure performed.

How does laser toenail fungus removal work?2013-05-13T16:47:02-05:00

The fungus is a living organism which is killed when the laser heat penetrates the nail bed and vaporizes it.

Who can diagnosis toenail fungus?2013-05-13T16:46:21-05:00

Only an experienced physician or podiatrist can distinguish this condition from numerous other nail and nail bed pathologies, as only 50% of abnormal appearing toenails are actually fungal infection. Our physicians have years of experience diagnosing this condition and it is our goal to provide quality care. If you do not select Inkfree, MD for this service, please choose your provider carefully.

What is toenail fungus and who gets it?2013-05-13T16:45:44-05:00

Toenail fungus, or onychomycosis is a condition in which a common fungus found in the environment invades the nail bed, leading to a yellowing, and thickening of the nail. Although anyone can acquire this infection it is more common in the elderly, and people with chronic medical conditions. Additionally, the same or different kinds of fungus can affect the fingernails of people who work in warm, moist environments (ex. bartenders and dishwashers) as well as those whose immune systems are compromised.

After Care Instructions

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