Tattoo removal has generally been considered a quick, but painful procedure. Commonly used analogies liken it to the pain of getting a tattoo, a rubber band snapping on the skin, or even the sensation of having bacon grease splattered on your skin. While the use of a cooling machine and vigorous application of ice can “take the edge off,” fear of a painful experience prevents many from getting laser tattoo removal.

Inkfree, MD is thrilled to announce the addition of Pliaglis to our armamentarium of pain control. Pliaglis Cream is the first and only FDA-approved topical anesthetic that combines the highest concentrations of two powerful ingredients, lidocaine and tetracaine, for fast onset and lasting effect. Additionally, the pain relief lasts for up to 5 hours afterwards. This highly effective topical anesthetic can only be dispensed by a licensed medical practitioner which is why you should seek out a physician owned and operated laser tattoo removal clinic.

Pliaglis Molecular Structure