Laser hair removal is an extremely popular procedure that benefits millions of consumers every year. Unfortunately the typical high costs associated with these treatments, makes it simply out of reach for many people. Laser hair removal services are priced differently depending on the facility and where you live. Many medical spas charge thousands and thousands of dollars for a package of six treatments on larger parts of the body. Other places charge exorbitant monthly fees to become a member of their “laser hair removal club.” Forget it!

At Inkfree, MD we believe that laser hair removal treatments should be available for everyone seeking to improve their appearance and to feel better both inside and out. For instance, while some places charge $2000 for a package of 6 on a large area, we only charge $299! How is this possible? Inkfree, MD is not a typical “med spa” and we do not push expensive or unnecessary packages to our clients. Our primary focus is delivering safe, effective and affordable laser skin treatments for men and women of all skin types. Don’t overpay any longer for laser hair removal or get pushed into purchasing overpriced packages that you cannot afford. There’s a smarter way to remove unwanted hair and it starts at Inkfree, MD!

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