There are multiple factors involved in calculating this, primarily how big the tattoo is and how many treatments you will need. Most of our competitors use a system that involves calculating how many square inches your tattoo is. Why is this difficult? For one, most tattoos that we see are not square, they are a myriad of shapes; anchors, butterflies, “Moms,” tribal bands, wedding bands but certainly never square. Secondly this is a very subjective method. If you’ve got a ruler or a tape measure, you would need to measure the length and width at it’s largest dimensions, then multiply those two numbers, then…..FORGET IT!

We pride ourselves on having a straightforward, easy to understand pricing system that doesn’t involve complicated calculations based on square inches. Get out a quarter and a dollar and see which one covers up your tattoo. Our extra small tattoo can be covered by a quarter and the price is $50 per treatment. Two quarters would be a small for $99 per treatment. A tattoo that’s bigger than two quarters but smaller than a dollar is a medium for $130 per treatment. If your tattoo is bigger than one dollar but smaller than two, it’s $200 per treatment. All the way up to having a tattoo that needs more than two dollar bills to cover it, that’s $350 per treatment.

The other factor to consider is how many treatments you’ll need. There is no one answer as everyone’s skin and tattoos are different. Most patients will need 5 to 15 sessions. In general, older tattoos (more than 10 years) and certain kinds of ink will need fewer treatments. You should notice fading after one or two treatments. Tattoos with more complex colors, especially yellows, blues and greens, will take more treatments. We offer generous discounts for packages paid up front.

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Looks like it’s finally time to get rid of that unwanted ink.

Laser Tattoo Removal - Before and After