Nothing goes better then rock-n-roll and tattoos, except maybe rock-n-roll and bad tattoos! Thanks to 94.5FM The Buzz and The Rod Ryan Show for bringing H-town its own Tattoo Nightmares! During the month of February we received over 120 entries into the contest to win free laser tattoo removal. Along with the pics of really bad tattoos, we were also regaled with more than a few sob stories of ink gone awry. We can’t say we were surprised though, by far the biggest reason why folks wanted their tattoos gone….drum roll please…..yes, the drunken teenage mistake.

After the dust was cleared and the voting complete, we ended up with a winner and runner up. Yes, there is such thing as penis fish, and yes the yin-yang doggie tramp stamp didn’t actually come out as well as it sounds!

We do thank all the wonderful participants and all of the non-winners who came in anyways to finally get rid of their unwanted ink!

We are happy to remain partnered with 94.5FM who will be promoting our laser hair removal services throughout the spring. For all you guys and girl out there who are ready get rid of their winter coats, there has never been a better time, better place or better prices than at Inkfree, MD!