One of the most common questions asked is – “Will my tattoo be completely gone after laser treatments?”. The efficacy of laser tattoo removal depends on a number of factors. Certain bright colors are more difficult to remove than the standard black ink. If the tattoo was applied by a professional tattoo artist as opposed to an amateur application will also be an important factor. In addition, the older the tattoo, the easier it is to come off. Finally, and most importantly, the placement of the ink on the skin and the pressure the tattoo artist places when applying the tattoo will factor into the lasers ability to shatter the ink.

So in general yes, your tattoo will be completely gone after laser treatments. However, there are instances when the tattoo will fade but not be completely removed. In some cases, the ink is applied so deeply in the skin by the tattoo artist that by the time the laser energy hits the ink, it is not strong enough to break it down completely. It is always best to schedule a consultation first and get all of your questions answered so you have a realistic expectation about the laser tattoo removal process.

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Laser Tattoo Removal - Before and After